The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) has long been accused of being more of a business and a political action committee (PAC) than a religion.

The Mormon Church, Inc.

The Mormon Church receives billions and billions of dollars every year from its members through a mandatory, minimum 10% tithing of their gross income. The billions of dollars given to the Mormon Church are tax deductible to Church members.

The Mormon Church’s business holdings, estimated to be nearly $1 trillion, are run as tax free enterprises owned outright by the Church. Thus the Mormon Church does not likely pay any federal, state or local taxes on its profits from all its holdings.

The Mormon Church - Political Action Committee

The Mormon Church is a major player in politics, starting with its 180 person Public Affairs Office based in the Church’s World Headquarters in Salt Lake City.

It has recently come to light that the Mormon Church has led, and financed primarily through its members, nearly all of the anti-gay marriage campaigns throughout the country. The LDS Church’s involvement goes back to the first gay marriage battle which began in Hawaii in 1995. The Mormon Church often does not report or underreports its massive involvement in these campaigns. The LDS Church and its hierarchy are also heavily involved in federal and state lobbying and participate in many elections across the country.

We Need Your Help

Since our founding in 2008 to oppose California’s Proposition 8, Rights Equal Rights (formerly Californians Against Hate), has long been at the vanguard of fighting for truth and transparency.

Through our new project, we are asking for your help by letting us know of any potential business or political abuses committed by the Mormon Church which might be considered violations of their tax exempt status.

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All tips will be treated confidentially. If we are able to collect enough evidence of possible IRS violations, these tips along with our own research may be used to file a formal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service.

We have taken successful action against the Mormon Church before. This was accomplished thanks to the excellent information that we received from Mormon Church members, former Mormons and non-Mormons alike.

Thank you for your help on this very important project!

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Fred Karger
Rights Equal Rights

World Headquarters of the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

World Headquarters of the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

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