These are stories of ex-Mormons who have left the Mormon Church for a variety of reasons. Watch their stories below.

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Left the Church Due to Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

After getting married in Utah, Jake Kelly and his husband left the Mormon Church on their own terms rather than risk ex-communication.


Daughter of Lesbian Parents

Devin is the daughter of lesbian parents and has been negatively affected by the Church’s anti-LGBT policy that forces the children of LGBT couples to choose between their parents and the Church.


Effected by Church’s Anti-LGBT Policy

Morgan and many of his friends have been negatively affected by the Church’s anti-LGBT policy, and some have gone so far as to leave the Church because of it.


Abused and the Church Ignored It

Teddy was sexually abused by a Mormon neighbor as a child. His parents took the matter to the Bishop, who failed to act on the situation. Luckily, Teddy’s parents took the additional step of taking the matter to the police.