House Republicans Plot to Kill IRS Power Over Church Politics

The GOP is poised to undo a 63-year-old law protecting a key provision of the separation of church and state, and further endangering LGBT lives

Longtime gay Republican activist and 2012 presidential candidate Fred Karger have been on a very focused mission: to expose the billions of dollars in tax-free secret profits and the ubiquitous exercise of political power by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).

Evidence produced by Karger could drive the IRS to investigate possible violations of the LDS tax-exempt status and reveal the Mormon Church’s political history of anti-gay fervor, including the harm done by a 2015 policy change specifically targeting children of same-sex parents—which resulted in professionals finally looking at the doubling rate of suicides among LGBT Mormon teens.

“After 40 years and millions of millions of dollars spent by the Mormon Church and its members to disparage LGBT Mormons and take away rights from all LGBT Americans, we are fighting back in a big way,” says Karger, who’s placed national ads in the LGBT and social media promoting a new “Fight Back!” video.

Karger notes, the Mormon Church’s estimated $1 trillion in worldwide business holdings “makes the market value of all the Mormon Church’s businesses greater than that of Apple and ExxonMobil combined! By not paying the appropriate taxes, they are robbing the United States Treasury of billions of dollars each year in lost revenue.”

On his website, Karger underscores the point, quoting Pope Francis saying: ”A religion is tax-exempt because it is a religion, but if it is functioning more like a business, then it should pay taxes just like its neighbor. Otherwise, it is not a fair business.”

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