Watch the Salt Park Trailer

Salt Park, Utah – released the 1-minute trailer for its upcoming, highly anticipated animated series, Salt Park yesterday on Reddit.

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The Salt Park trailer is already trending on both the ex-Mormon and Mormon-Tips subreddits.

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“Salt Park” Episode 1 — “Preachable Moment”

Season 1 of the exciting new five-part animated series will begin airing on Saturday, April 7th on the MormonTips YouTube Channel and run through the early summer. Throughout the season, the four kids of “Salt Park” will visit several of the large “for-profit” businesses owned by the Mormon Church and interact with many famous Mormon leaders and members.

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Salt Park Media Coverage Round Up

Salt Park Media Coverage Round Up
Check out the media coverage for our five part animated series, "Salt Park."

Salt Lake Tribune

Fox News


The Inquisitr

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